Swedish houses location list updated 18 September 2023

Location list of post-war imported prefabricated Swedish timber houses in the UK.

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  • Thank you! best wishes, Jane

    By Jane Hearn (20/09/2022)
  • I have just move into a type D in Uddingston G71 6DF

    By Josh Docherty (20/09/2022)
  • Many thanks for this new location which I have passed to Neil who updates the list. My apologies for not approving your comment until now, it had been in the Trash folder for some reason. best wishes, Jane

    By Jane Hearn (19/06/2021)
  • I live in one in a set of 2 pairs in Thimbleby, Lincolnshire. The two on either end are housing association, and have been clad but have almost original internal layout. My house is clad in plastic, but mimics the wooden cladding. Apart from the wall between the dining room and lounge being removed, the layout is the same. The coal room is now the boiler room, and the wash room is fitted out as a kitchen. The remaining house is pretty much original, but has been left empty for many years, and is rotting away.

    By Clare (13/06/2021)
  • BISF I tnink. best wishes, Jane

    By Jane Hearn (18/04/2021)
  • Hi, I am wondering about prefab houses on Hook Lane in Enfield, London, are they Swedish houses or BISF?
    Best wishes, Vesna

    By vesna glavas (03/04/2021)
  • There is a street with 6 x type A and 6 x type D Swedish houses in Brookland Kent TN29 9RG
    1 type A still has original cladding on view, the rest have secondary plastic cladding
    All type D have secondary cladding (4 plastic, 2 horizontal wooden)
    We live in one of the wooden clad type D – Love its light and airy spacious feel. No major problems that we have encountered over last 10 years of ownership – and all are increasing in value at a comparable rate as the brick built houses on the street.

    By D Higgins (15/02/2021)
  • Can you tell me where it is please? I can’t locate it on the maps. Email prefabmuseum@gmail.com
    best wishes, Jane

    By Jane Hearn (23/10/2020)
  • My wife was born in the swedish house we both now live in, Earlswood near Solihull.

    By Neil (23/10/2020)
  • Dear Kevin, thank you very much for this new location. The houses and bungalows are now on the map, with a credit to you. best wishes, Jane

    By Jane Hearn (11/03/2020)
  • Hello
    Spotted some more yesterday at Lake Avenue, Lakesend, Wisbech, Norfolk PE14 9QD streetview show them as original but several have had external insulation added they all look well cared for

    By Kevin S (11/03/2020)
  • Thank you very much for the location, which is now on the map with a credit to you. I had been looking for them in the wrong Wotton? best wishes, Jane

    By Jane Hearn (10/03/2020)
  • 4 Swedish houses were planned in 1949 for
    Mount Pleasant, Wotton under Edge, Gloucestershire, and need to be put on your map. GL12 7 I think they will have been erected by 1950
    They are still there.

    By Helen Roberts (09/03/2020)
  • Many thanks for this location which is now on the map with a credit to you. Best wishes, Jane

    By Jane Hearn (08/03/2020)
  • There are a pair of dormer bungalows on Welford Road, Barton, Warwickshire

    By Kate (08/03/2020)
  • Church Lane, Walberswick.

    By Mary (20/02/2020)
  • Hello. I can give you info on the Old Acre Lane House, as was built by my Uncle. The house is located in Brocton, Staffordshire and has not been demolished. It is no longer in my family, but if you want any more info, then please let me know.

    By Michelle Nicholls (01/02/2020)

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