Mottingham Prefabs

Me and my 2 brothers behind our prefab. Mottingham, London, SE9
Keith Hogwood

I lived in a prefab in Mottingham SE9 with my mother, father and 3 brothers. We lived 9 Nutton Road. The photo I attach was of me and 2 brothers, Brian and Paul. I don’t think brother Roger had arrived at the time the photo was taken. The photo would have been taken with a Brownie box camera. Adjoining our back garden was a field in which I spent many a happy hour hunting grasshoppers and butterflies. I would capture them and keep them in a jam jar with some grass, for a short while before releasing them. I would also fish for Sticklebacks in the nearby River Quaggy. Almost opposite us was the Chinbrook Pub and off-licence (still there I believe). At the front of our prefab was an area of shrubs, where we used to play hide-and-seek. Next door lived Jim Slade and his wife. I think Jim was originally from Wales. On the corner was a boy named Billy. My brother Brian was the oldest of the boys, and he had a friend named Norman King. I went to Marvels Lane Primary School. Miss Coutts was the headmistress. Our class teacher was Mr Parkin. We left the prefab when I was about 14 or 15 and moved to Eliot Bank, Forest Hill. I understand that the prefabs were demolished in 1961. It would be wonderful if somebody out there lived in Mottingham prefabs, and got in touch. I just have the one photograph unfortunately. The other roads on the estate were Stound Road and Houseland Road (i’m looking at an old A-Z atlas)

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