Howard Steel Houses in Stafford

Exterior Howard House Merrivale Road
Bob Bentley
Exterior, Howard Steel house, Merrivale Road, Stafford
Bob Bentley
Permanent prefab house still inhabited, Stafford
Bob Bentley
Permanent prefab houses modernised and still inhabited, Stafford
Bob Bentley

Bob contacted the Prefab Museum about his prefab house in Merrivale Road, Stafford.  He sent some old photos which he and his family kindly agreed to share! The house has been identified, thanks to Paul Francis of the Airfield Research Group, and John Boughton who writes the Municipal Dreams blog about the history of council housing. Although the focus of the Prefab Museum was initially the temporary bungalows, I feel it’s important to include the post-war permanent prefab house programme! Thanks to Bob for the information and photos.

The house that I lived in for the first five years of my life (55 Merrivale Road, Stafford) was a two-storey prefab house. There were several of these which backed onto the grounds of Flash Ley School and I think also a few on the other side of Merrivale Road which do not appear on your map. There were also some in neighbouring Howard Road, I think. Those on the “odd” side of Merrivale Road were demolished in the 1960s or possibly early 1970s and replaced with low-rise flats (address now Thirlmere Way).

Apparently there were some other prefabs in the Rising Brook area of Stafford (some of the houses in Brook Glen Road has specifically been mentioned), but some of them were of a different construction type to the one I lived in, some had flat concrete roofs (whereas I’ve been told that the one I lived in had an asbestos roof) and some have now been modernised with a brick skin rather than being demolished in the 60s/70s. Someone has mentioned a company called Allis-Chalmers being involved in the construction of some of those in Brook Glen Road. Also, water heating using Beeston boilers seem to have been a common feature in many of them and I do remember the Beeston in the kitchen at Merrivale Road.

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