Essex Square, Salisbury, Wiltshire

Essex Square,Salisbury
Keith Redding
Early girlfriends, Essex Square, Salisbury
Keith Redding

Keith emailed the Prefab Museum about the prefab he lived in, in Essex Square, Salisbury.

I was one-and-a-half when we moved in (Oct 53) and three-and-a-half when we moved out, so maybe three in the photos, and probably summer 55.

The girls would have been our neighbour’s two children, but that’s all I can tell you – my mum at 85 could have told you their names, favourite ice-cream flavour, etc, etc, and most likely was still exchanging Christmas cards with their parents…

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  • At least some of the prefabs at Essex Square Salisbury must have been built during WW2. My Dad and Mum and my brother who was born in Feb 1941, lived at no. 227. Dad worked for Vickers Supermarine aircraft factory Woolston until it was destroyed by bombing on 26 September 1940. Dad was moved to Salisbury to work in the ‘Secret Spitfire’ factories. Dad and Mum and my brother lived at 227 Essex Square until the end of WW2 when they moved back home to Cornwall. Mum often talked fondly of their Prefab.

    By Susan Coney (nee Phillips) (27/08/2022)

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