Scale model of a Uni-Seco Mk3 central entrance prefab

Front view Uni-Seco Mk3 scale model
Philip Rockhill
Rear view Uni-Seco Mk3 scale model
Philip Rockhill
Kitchen interior Uni-Seco Mk3 scale model
Philip Rockhill
Living room Uni-Seco Mk3 scale model
Philip Rockhill
Bedroom1 Uni-Seco Mk3 scale model
Philip Rockhill
Bedroom 2 Uni-Seco Mk3 scale model
Philip Rockhill
Bathroom Un-Seco Mk3 scale model
Philip Rockhill
Toilet Uni-Seco Mk3 scale model
Philip Rockhill

Philip emailed the Prefab Museum last year about the prefab he lived in from 1947 to 1957 in Harold Place, Kennington.

“I intend to make a 1/12 model of the prefab as it held so many memories, I was one of three children in fact my sister was born there in 1948, my Dad served in the Navy between 1939 and 1945. We moved from Lambeth Walk  to the prefab after my brother was born in 1947.My wife also lived in a prefab after the War in Mabley street  Hackney, we didn’t know each other lived in a prefab until we met in 1966, married in 1967 and still together”.

“The prefab in Harold Place was put on a bombed out area just of Kennington Lane, Lambeth, London. It contained 6 in Harold Place and 2 in Montford Place. We backed onto the storage of vegetables in Barrels ready to go into the production of piccalilli for Haywards pickle, occasionally the barrels would burst open and the liquid would run into our garden, behind them, were large gasholders  one of which was  always  seen when the TV coverage of test matches from the Oval Cricket Ground. My wife’s prefab backed onto Hackney marshes”.

With some help from the Prefab Museum’s archive of floor plans, instruction manual and old photos, Philip has completed the model. I think you will agree it is marvellous!

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  • Absolutely fantastic, you have done such a great job constructing this Phillip, this is the the same style Prefab I lived in from 1953 to 1969 , it was in East Dulwich, South London. Did you make the windows and doors too Phillip ?

    By John Chinery (24/11/2022)
  • Absolutely brilliant model, and I love the history, the pickle liquid seeping into the back garden. I think it’s wonderful to keep the memories of these homes and their occupants alive.

    By Tina Otton (26/03/2021)
  • Absolutely fantastic.

    By Pat Posner (25/03/2021)
  • Fantastic model. Love the heart unit in kitchen and bathroom.

    By Ian Abley (25/03/2021)

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