The Prefab Museum would not exist without the encouragement and support of prefab enthusiasts willing to give up their time and sometimes their money. Museum supporters are many and various; they live or lived in prefabs, are interested in prefab history and architecture, students who are researching and writing about prefabs and communities for their dissertations, and the curious!

There are different ways to contribute and I would love to hear your stories and see your photos, and find out where prefabs still exist or were located. Please let me know via the Contribute form on this website, Facebook, or email

If you are a local history or special interest group I can deliver an illustrated talk about the history and development of prefabs for you. The Prefab Museum’s base is in south east London and depending where your group is located I may ask you to contribute towards travel costs and a small speaker’s fee. Please contact

Donations at events and illustrated talks help to support activities and the running costs of the museum, which is voluntary-run and receives no funding.