Peter and his mother in front of their Nissen Hut in Bentham Road, London E9


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  • I lived in a Nissen hut in Bentham Road between 1950-52, when I was 2-4 years old. My mum and dad were Belle and Frank Taylor. My dad’s brother Bill, and his wife Rose, also lived along the road with their sons Billy and Bobby, who would have been between 10-13 years old. We were all rehoused there from the Morning Lane and Churchill Walk areas, where both families lived in rooms in shared houses.
    I have vague memories of the inside as a large room which incorporated the kitchen, and two bedrooms, but this may not be accurate. There was an outside toilet. I seem to remember the road being on a bit of a hill, but that may have been the perception of a small person.

    By Gwendoline Parker (07/07/2020)

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