Barbara Brewer's memories of living in a prefab in Peckham, South London, just after WW2

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  • A resident of a Council Flat in Peckham for over a Decade!

    Yeah; I remember in the late 70s and early eighties when I’d first moved into a Council- Flat in Peckham as a Schoolboy; I was so excited!
    We had been on the Waiting list for around a year…..and even “Coloured” Immigrants were permitted by; ‘Law’ for more permanent and Legal Housing; then!
    Ours were meant to be more “Posh”; because we moved into Bricks and Mortar!
    There were some; Controversy and ‘Stigma’; concerned with living in a:- “Pre-Fab”;
    this was a time when U were lucky to: ‘Eat-Properly’ and to have ‘ANY’ Roof over your head! And; even having a:- “Colour Television” was a Great Luxury…..

    Residents were meant to be ashamed of living in “Pre-Fab”; but the True Story is more
    Prosaic than that; they were emergency accommodation for Local Residents who had been bombed out by the Blitz and had yet; to have the chance to be rehoused properly.

    I can tell U one thing; though….The Kids I’d grew-up with were living in more hygienic and sanitary conditions than the converted Maisonette I am paying through the; ‘nose-in’ = in ‘The-“Sticks”-Of-Essex’; for 4 years to live in Right Now! (Universal Credit and all that!)

    In the 70s there were a lot of Lofty Tower-Blocks being put-up and so on; but they eventually proved to be unpopular. Because Ppl; simply wanted to live in Olde Fashioned Houses.
    Proletariat; Working Class Ppl. In Britain always seems to get the undesirable end of the stick in Blighty; even now in the 21St Century….
    Tory Rule and “Quangos”; has been around since Summer of 2010; under Cameron;
    May and so on. The “Toffs”; seems to be so out of touch that they want to send Ppl. to Rwanda!

    I donot understand this Country; there is one Rule for Caucasians and a different one for any and every other Creed OR Colour….

    I could mention the North Peckham Estate; but that would bring everybody “Down”…!!!

    Peckham had reasonably Goods Schools during that time; but having a Solid Education seems to be totally worthless nowadays….If you have a Prime-Minister who doesn’t even Comb his hair Properly….! (How do U expect the Rest of the World to take U seriously!)
    Brave New World After World War Two; Eh???!!!

    Well; tell that to the Liverpool Blue Funnel Chinese Sailors; who had to leave their Wife and Kids in 48 Hours….

    By Gary CHIN (22/06/2022)

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