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  • Please email and I will get back to you as soon as possible. best wishes, Jane

    By Jane Hearn (23/04/2024)
  • I lived in a prefab for many years in Christchurch Avenue, Willesden, London. I would like to put my memories to paper but cannot get in touch.

    By Pauline Monk (22/04/2024)
  • Our prefab in Roding Ave had a boiler for washing, electric, cooker, fridge & immersion heater. It had a coal fire and a boiler behind to heat water as well. Our built in cupboards were metal and I believe the next row of prefabs were wood. It was a wonderful community where many of us made lifelong friends. My sister & I were born in our prefab. Our mother helped many a neighbour who was in labour before the midwife arrived. Happy memories.

    By Yvonne Tilbury (04/04/2021)

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