Swedish house front view


By the end of World War Two there was a severe shortage of housing in Britain. Under the Housing (Temporary Accommodation) Act 1944, the Ministry of Works was to provide 500,000 ‘Emergency Factory Made’ (i.e. prefabricated) homes to tackle the shortage. In fact, only around 160,000 were built including a number of Swedish Baltic pine…

Mystery prefabs – can you help us locate them from this list?

Can you help us solve these prefab mysteries? We are tidying up the map prior to making it better, and taking out the prefab locations that we haven’t been able to verify. In the two years since we started we have mapped over 90,000 post-war prefabs of the 156,623 erected under the Temporary Housing Programme…

Swedish Houses in Leverburgh, Harris, Scotland, October 2012

Prefabs in the Outer Hebrides

The first time I went to The Outer Hebrides was in May 2009. I remember perfectly. I was there for work. We were shooting a story on minks for a French TV channel. I was smitten by the beauty of the place and by its diversity: long and wild beaches, mini fjords, standing stones from…

33 & 34 Millcroft Estate, Pool-in-Wharfedale

Swedish Post-War Prefabricated Houses – location list (updated 24 September 2017)

Prefab Scouts – help needed! Neil is compiling a location list of Swedish post-war prefabs (sometimes known as Swedish or Swedish timber houses). He grew up in a Swedish house in Pool-in-Wharfedale, Yorkshire, which is still in his family. The houses were imported from Sweden at the end of WW2 to designs from the UK….

Moving Prefab Museum – Prefab Scouts and prefab locations

Sid who regularly contributes to our Facebook page was passing through Stoneleigh in Warwickshire when he came across two types of prefab opposite each other, and shared them with us! The single storey Tarran prefab is currently used as a changing room, and the Swedish Timber prefab is still lived in. Maybe you can help…

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