A tribute to Ted Carter, our friend and Excalibur prefab resident

Jane and I are very sad to hear that Excalibur Resident Ted Carter died at the end of last week. Here are a few words about our prefab friend and a video I shot in 2013. I was privileged to know Ted through Trevor’s regular computer class at the community centre and the Prefab Museum….

Prefabs in North Derbyshire

In 2005, I was contacted by a prefab enthusiast, Graham Burton, who lived in a prefab in North Wingfield, North Derbyshire. Passionate about the prefab he had bought in the 90s, he had collected lots of information about prefabs, their history, their location … He had found out about my documenting work on prefabs through…

Moving Prefab Museum Event – St Mark’s Church Hall, Excalibur Estate

This was our first event of the Moving Prefab Museum and Archive project. It was very exciting as we had been notified of our Heritage Lottery Fund grant only two weeks’ earlier, and had just been given ‘permission to start’! The Excalibur Estate is familiar territory for us, and we were fortunate that Patrick Jordan,…

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