caxton swedish prefab

Swedish timber prefab, Caxton

sawston hawksley

Hawksley BL8 bungalow, Sawston


Re-clad Hawksley BL8s, Duxford

Exploring south Cambridgeshire, June 2016. Two pairs of Swedish timber prefabs in Caxton, and Hawksley BL8 aluminium bungalows in Duxford and Sawston. Some of the Hawksleys have undergone improvements to insulation by South Cambridgeshire council.

Read more about Swedish prefabs and where they are located.

Every week people email us or tell us on Facebook and Twitter, and at our events, talks and walks, about prefabs still up and lived in. We go exploring to find out where they are and talk to residents if possible. We talked to the lady who had lived in her Swedish prefab since 1959. Residents in Sawston and Duxford told us about improvements to their prefabs, and one lady assured us that her Hawksley BL8 had been described by the council as an aluminium bungalow, not a prefab!



Seco catalogue

alconbury seco

The correct way to lift a Seco panel!

alconbury archive

The archive at Alconbury.

Exploring the Airfield Research Group Archives at Alconbury, Huntingdonshire. Our thanks to Paul Francis of the ARG and we wish them well in finding a new home for the archive. We were the last visitors in its current home, as the building is due to be demolished.


Photos Elisabeth Blanchet/Jane Hearn

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