Swedish Post-War Prefabricated Houses – location list (updated 18 June 2017)

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Neil is compiling a location list of Swedish post-war prefabs (sometimes known as Swedish or Swedish timber houses). He grew up in a Swedish house in Pool-in-Wharfedale, Yorkshire, which is still in his family.

Neil's Swedish House in Pool-in-Wharfedale

Neil’s Swedish House in Pool-in-Wharfedale

The houses were imported from Sweden at the end of WW2 to designs from the UK. Many are still standing and lived in. There are several different styles but typically, unless they have been re-clad, they have distinctive vertical wooden exterior planking. One pair of dormer bungalows in Ellers Lane, Auckley, Doncaster is listed Grade II by Historic England.
In England and Wales pairs of semi detached houses with single storey ‘wash houses’ (style 1) and semi detached dormer bungalows (style B1) were erected individually or in small groups in mainly rural areas.
In Scotland at least five further styles of houses have been identified (see diagrams 2 to 6 below). They were erected in much larger numbers, sometimes in large urban developments, comprised of semis and terraces of four to six houses. Some of these, perhaps those on the rural Forestry Commission sites, we now believe to be imported from Finland.

Can you help Neil with verifying locations and telling us where we can find others? Many thanks to the people who have contacted us and helped identify Swedish prefabs so far! If you have information about Swedish (or Finnish) houses, please leave a comment on this post, alternatively email prefabmuseum@gmail.com

We sometimes receive requests for help with renovating Swedish houses and dormer bungalows. If you are, or can recommend, someone who has experience with these homes please let us know by commenting or emailing us.

We also receive information about difficulties with estate agents, surveyors and mortgage lenders regarding Swedish houses and dormer bungalows. BRE (Building Research Establishment) produced a report in 1995 ‘Timber Framed Housing Systems Built in the UK 1920-1965’, a section of which is quoted at the bottom of this web page http://www.gov.scot/Publications/2002/03/15098/8737 .

Swedish timber dormer bungalow, semi-detached, Cambridgeshire

Dormer bungalow style B1 (England & Wales) , Cambridgeshire.

House style 1 (England & Wales) (archive Sid Cat)

Swedish post war prefab houses (Scotland)

House style 4 (Scotland)







There are several different styles in Scotland. Neil has provided outlines of the types and numbered each of the houses found. He emphasises that these are not to scale but should be close enough to identify the style.

Semis - styles 5 and 6

Semis – styles 5 and 6

Semis styles 2, 3, 4

Semis styles 2, 3, 4











England Pairs of

H  –   B

  O.S. Grid Ref Notes
Abington Pigotts, Cambs., (High Street, SG8 0SN) 0  –   1   TL308446 1 extended over wash house
Abbots Langley, Herts., (Trowley Rise, WD5 0RJ) 1  –   2   TL093015 The first to be constructed. Article in ‘Townsville Daily Bulletin’ (Australia) on 3.11.1945
Ashley, Market Drayton, Shropshire (Sw. HSe, Charnes Rd, TF9 4LH)  
Auckley, Doncaster, S.Yks., (Ellers Lane, DN9 3HY) 0  –    1   SE651012 Historic England listing 1392257 (19.9.2007)
Barkestone-le-Vale, Leics., (Chapel  St., NG13 0HE)  2  –    2   SK781347
Barnby Dun, Doncaster, S.Yks., (Brosley Ave., DN13 1AQ) 2  –    0   SE620093 1 half of 1 pair extended and clad
Binfield, Bracknell, Berks (Tilehurst Lane, RG42 5JP) 4  –  6   SU846712 Demolished except 1 pair of much altered houses
Binfield Heath, Henley-on-T, Oxon., (Kiln Road, RG9 4ES) 1  –    0   SU747787 ‘Henley Standard’ article 22.11.10 re demolition application but still on April 2011 ‘Street View’
Bishopstone, Swindon, Wilts (Sw. Hse, The Forty, SN6) 1   –  0   Demolished
Blyth, Notts., (Worksop Rd., S81 8DY) 1  –    1   SK624868
Boughton, Northampton, (Sw. Hs., Humfrey Lane, NN2 8RN) 3  –    0   SP753657
Boughton-Under-Blean, Faversham, K. (Colonels Ln., ME13 9SS) 0  –    1   TR061590
Bowers, Staffs (Bowers Lane, ST21 6RW) 1   –   0   SJ818355 one half of the pair extended and clad
Brixworth, Northampton, (Litchfield Cl., NN6 9PB) 0  –    2   SP745707
Brooke, Norfolk, (St Peter’s Rd., NR15 1LG) 1  –  11   TM292995 Most numerous English location?
Broom, Warks (Sw.Hse, Mill Lane, B50 4HR) 1   –  0   SP091534
Cawthorne, Barnsley, S.Yks. (Lower Collier Fold, S75 4HT) 1  –    0   SE276082
Caxton, Cambridgeshire, (Brockholt Road, CB23 3PR) 0  –    2   TL303588
Cottered, Herts (Peascroft,

0  –    5  
Coughton, Warwks., (Coughton Lane, B49 5HN 0  –    1   SP077602 Some alterations/extensions
Ebrington, Glous., (New Rd., GL55 6NP) 0  –    1   SP189400
Egremont, Cumbria (Oaklands, CA22 2NX) 1   –   2  
Framlingham, Suff., (Dennington Rd., IP13 9JR) 2  –    0   TM279640 Both pairs look to have been clad
Great Ellingham, Norfolk, (Hingham Road, NR17 1HY) 1  –    3   TM018975 1 bungalow clad in brick
Hankelow, Cheshire E., (Audlem Rd., CW3 0JF) 0  –    2   SJ674458
High Melton, S.Yks., (Hangman Stone Lane, DN5 7TB) 2  –    0   SE507021
Hill, Rugby, Warwks., (Sw. Hs., CV23 8EA) 1  –    3   SP450671
Horsted Keynes, Haywards Heath Sussex (Sw. Hses, Birchgrove Rd, RH17 7BL) 2   –   0   TQ387281
Hurst, Reading (Tape Lane, RG10 0DP) 0   –   3   SU797737 Due for demolition 2015
Impington, Cambs., (Hereward Close, CB24 9LS) 4  –    0   TL442633
Kelvedon Hatch, Brentwood, Essex, (Stocks Lane, CM15 0BL) 0  –    4   TQ578985 Several clad or substantially extended
Knighton, Staffs (Sw. Hse, Chapel Lane, TF9 4HN) 0   –   4   SJ730402
Knockin, Oswestry, Shrops., (Church View, SY10 8HH) 2  –    0   SJ333224
Leigh, Worcester, (Sw. Hs., WR6 5JZ) 1  –    0   SO773535
Leonard Stanley, Stonehouse, Glos (Sw. Hses, GL10 3PD) 1   –   0   SO798035
Little Melton, Norfolk, (Mill Rd., NR9 3NX) 0  –    2   TG156070
Loddon, Norfolk, (Leman Grove, NR14 6LT) 2   –   0   TM360982 1 pair appears to have horizontal planking
Loversall, Doncaster, S.Yks., (Bubup Hill, DN11 9DB) 0  –    1   SK574986
Lutterworth, Leics (Sw. Hses, Ullesthorpe Rd, LE17 4SD) 2   –   0   Demolished
Lynstead Kent (Sw. Hses, Lynstead Lane, ME9) 2   –   0   TQ945611
Marston Magna, Somerset, (Townsend, BA22 8BP)   0  –    1   ST590224
Methwold Hythe, Norfolk, (Constable Place, IP26 4QL) 0  –    2   TL712948
Milford, Surrey (Manor Fields, GU8 5EQ) 0  –   3   SU944427 2 pairs substantially altered
Molash, Ashford, Kent, (Pound Lane CT4 8HQ) 1  –    0   TR027514 1 extended over ‘wash house’
Murrow, Wisbech, Cambs., (Station Ave, PE13 4HE) 1  –    0   TF373065
North Cave, Brough, E.Yks., (Station Rd, HU15 2LA) 1  –    3   SE896320
North Nibley, Gloucestershire (Sw. Hses, Barrs Lane, GL11 6DT) 1   –   1   ST742959
Norton, Doncaster, S.Yks., (Spittlerush Lane, DN6 9DU) 0  –    2   SE539154
Over Stratton, South Petherton, Som., (Sw. Hs., TA13 5LD) 3  –    0   ST436150
Pool-in-Wharfedale, Otley, W.Yks., (Millcroft, LS21 1LT) 1  –    3   SE245453
Preston, Stevenage, Herts., (Chequers Lane, SG4 7TX) 4  –    0   TL178250 www.prestonherts.co.uk – £65,000 in 1995
Pulham Market, Norfolk, (Mill Lane, IP21 4TN) 4  –    0   TM194865
Rawcliffe, Goole, E.Yks., (Westfield Rd., DN14 8RE) 0  –    3   SE687225
Ruckinge, Ashford, Kent, (Sw. Hs., Oak Ridge, TN26 2PA) 0  –    2   TR026336
Sarratt, Watford, Herts., (Dawes Lane, WD3 6BB) 0   –   2   TQ040994
Saxton, Tadcaster, N.Yks., (Saxton Lane, LS24 9QD) 0  –    2   SE476369
Shalbourne, Wilts., (The Lynch/Rivar Rd., SN8 3PX) 1  –    2   SU317624
Shieldwich, Kent (Sw. Hse, North Street, ME13 0LW) 0   –   1   Demolished
Shorne, Kent, (Hollands Close, DA12 3EH) 3  –    0   TQ691711 1 clad
Silkstone Common, S.Yks., (Moorends Lane, S75 4QZ) 1  –    0   SE294041 1 half/ 1 house of the pair demolished
Southmoor, Oxon (Latton Close, OX13 5AF) 1   –   3   SU400980
Stinchcombe, Dursley, Glous., (The Avenue, GL11 6AJ) 0  –    2   ST736991
Stoneleigh, Coventry, Warwks., (Birmingham Rd., CV8 3DB) 1  –    0   SP328728
Tadley. Berkshire (Sw. Hses, RG26 3PL) 1   –   2   SU604612 All clad, 1 extended over wash house
Teynham, Kent (Osier Road, ME9 9LS) 1   –   0   TQ961631
Tithby, Notts., (Dovecote Lane, NG13 8GT) 1  –    0   SK699369 http//www.geograph.org.uk/photo/2589729
Twineham, Haywards Heath, Sus., (Church Lane, RH17 5NR) 0  –    1   TQ255198 http//www.geograph.org.uk/photo/4124837
Upper Harlestone, Nhants,  (Sw. Hs., NN7 4EU) 0  –    3   SP699637
Walgrave, Nhants, (Rectory Lane, NN6 9QJ) 0  –    2   SP802719
Winksley, Ripon, N.Yks., (Pine Croft, HG4 3NP) 0  –    4   SE252714
Wix, Essex, (Swedish Estate, Colchester Rd., CO11 2RS) 0  –    4   TM158282 1 pair converted into a single home
Totals 67 – 111  
Total number of homes 356  
Wales Pairs of    H  –   B   O.S Grid Ref  Notes
Harlech, Gwynd, (Y Waun, Ffordd Morfa, LL46 2UN) 2  –    0   SH581316
Llanberis, Gwynd, (Maes Padarn, LL55 4TD) 4  –    0   SH579599 Some now clad/rendered/extended
Llanymynech, Powys (Bronwylfa, SY22 6HD) 0   –   2   SJ268216
Totals 6  –    2  
Total number of homes 16  
Scotland Pairs of   H  –   B Terraces   4H  – 6H O.S. Grid Ref Style and Notes
Aberdeen, (W. Cairncry Rd./Long Walk Rd. area, AB16 5LT) 16  –    4 13  –   0 NJ911078 2 & B1   Bungalows in Beech Rd are English style
Airdrie, N. Lans., (Colliertree Rd., ML6 7DR) 5  –    0 5  –    0 NS779659 2
Ardentinny, Argyll and Bute (Sw Hses, PA23 8TR) 0   –   6 B2 same type as Glenbranter
Ardrossan, N. Ayrs., (Weir Rd./St Margaret’s Rd., KA22 7EN) 11  –   0 0  –    0 NS238436 3
Ayr, S. Ayrs., (Westwood Ave., KA8 0RL) 3  –    0 6  –    0 NS359224 4
Caol, Fort William, Highld., (Clunes Ave. area, PH33 7BJ) 17  –   0 16  –   0 NN107760 4
Carluke, S. Lans., (Burn Rd., Greenfield Rd., ML8 5DA) 38  –    0  0   –   0 NS846513 5
Castlebay, Bara Isle of, (Rathad Naomh Bhrianan, HS9 5XJ) 10  –    0 5   –   0 NL657983 4   style 4 but all clad (pebble dash?)
Cumnock, E. Ayrs., (Hearth Place/Rd., KA18 1JE) 15  –    0 3  –    0 NS567197 3
Dalavich, Ag & B., (Forestry Houses, PA35 1HN) 15  –    0 0  –    0 NM969127 6 Forestry Comm. , Finnish? – same style as Ford
Edinburgh, (West Pilton Place, EH4 4DG) 7  –    0 6  –   2 NT226760 4 An estate of 50 houses.
Edinburgh, (Sighthill Dr./Rise/Cres., EH11 4PZ ) 11  –    0 7  –    0 NT196703 4 An estate of 50 houses.
Ford, Ag & B., (Forestry Houses, PA31 8RH) 3  –     0 0  –    0 NM868037 6 Forestry Comm. , “Finnish”
Fort William, Highld., (Grange Road, PH33 6JH) 1  –    0 3   –   0 NN096731 4
Glasgow, (Balornock area, G21 3NW) 57  –  0 39  –    6 NS618684 4 Estate of 300+ houses in 2s, 4s and 6s
Glenbranter, Strachur, Ag& B (Swedish Houses, PA27 8DJ) 0  –   7 0  –    0 NS112979 B2  Forestry Comm., Not same style as E & W Bs
Glencoe, Highld (The Carnoch/Lorn Dr., PH49 4HR) 4  –    0 3  –    0 NN098588 4
Inverness, Highld., (St. Valery Ave, IV3 5AX) 20  –   0 11  –    0 NH652446 4 An estate of 84 houses. (2 diff styles)
Kinlochleven, Highld., (Lovat/ Loch Eilde/Wades Rd., PH50 4RH) 15  –    0 5   –   0 NN191621 4
Kirkwall, Isle of Orkney, (Laverock Rd., KW15 1EE) 25  –    0 0   –   0 HY448104 4 Same style 4 but all clad (plywood sheeting)
Leverburgh, Isle of Harris, (Dunmore Cres., HS5 3TT) 3  –    0 3  –   0 NG016868 4 photo, ‘Prefab Homes’ page 48 (see footnotes)
Lochmaddy, Isle of N. Uist, (Dunrossil Pl./Cearsabhagh, HS6 5AB) 2  –    0 3  –    0 NF917684 4
Monkton, Sth. Ayrs., (Queens Dr./Charles Ave., KA9 2QS) 20  –    0 0  –    0 NS358281 3
Mossblown, Sth. Ayrs., (Southside Ave., KA6 5DQ) 8  –    0 0  –    0 NS404248 3 Also many which could be clad versions of style 6
Portree, Isle of Skye, (Fraser Cres., IV51 9DR) 10  –    0 0  –     0 NG483440 4
Prestwick, S. Ayrs., (Doon Ave./Afton Ave., KA9 2AE) 9  –    0 8  –    0 NS350242 4
Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, (Portrona Dr. & Macleod Rd., HS1 2HF) 4  –    0 8   –   0 NB428337 4
Strachur, Cairndow (Glenbranter, PA27 8DJ) 0   –   7   7 pairs dormer bungalows of a different style to English/Welsh
Totals 329  –  11 144  –   8
Total number of homes 1304


 ‘Tip offs’ – Not yet searched for/found or Unable to verify at moment – Grateful for any information

England       Notes
Bath, N.E. Som.,        
Chudleigh, Devon,      
Dittisham, Devon, (Orchard Park, The Level)       Different style
Eastling, Faversham, Kent, (Newham Ln., ME13 0AS)      
Framington Earl, Norwich, Norf., (Pigot Lane, NR14 7PX)      
Hungarton, Leicester, (Main St., LE&)      
Little Brington, Nhants., (NN7 4HT)       Not found on Google maps/earth
Streetley, Beds., (off Luton Road) 0  –  1   TL077278 http//www.geograph.org.uk/photo/113899
Achnamara, Ag & B, (PA31 8PX) 0 –  15 0 – 0 NR779871 Forestry Comm.  Horizontal planking / different style
Ayr, S. Ayrs (Mainholm Rd.) Horizontal planking / different style
Bridgend, Carradale, Ag & B, NR796381 http//www.geograph.org.uk/photo/134731
Coatbridge, N. Lans (Ailsa Road) Not found on Google maps/earth
Port Ann
Wishaw, N. Lans

, Elisabeth Blanchet, published by Shire Library, ISBN-13: 978 0 74781 357 6Notes

Where a Postcode or Grid Reference is given it is for one of the properties, enough to find the location but not all properties will have the same code or Grid. Ref.

Numbers of pairs of houses (H), bungalows (B), terraces of four (4H) or six (6H) are often taken from Google Street View as accurately as possible.

Sites of demolished homes will be recorded (and included in figures) if evidenced, with a note to that effect added.

Creative Commons LicensePhoto of Swedish dormer bungalow Jane Hearn

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.



  1. Mary Walker


    My husband lived in one of the swedish houses post war, possibly 1948 when they were newly built. Colliertree Road, Airdrie, Scotland. These houses are still standing. If you would like further information please let me know.

  2. Reply

    Hola! I’ve been reading your website for a long time
    now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give
    you a shout out from Huffman Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up
    the excellent job!

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  4. Robbie Murray


    Just behind my old Primary School in Scotland, there is a little post-war estate known as ‘The Swedish Houses’: Doon Avenue, Prestwick, KA9 2AE,
    and Afton Avenue KA9 2AG.
    Also in Ayr: Westwood Avenue, KA8 0RL (low numbers on one side of street)

    • prefabmuseumsite


      Thank you very much for the information, which we have passed on to Neil who is compiling the list. best wishes from the Prefab Museum

      • S Simpson


        There are also some located near Westwood Avenue, on Mainholm Crescent, and Mainholm Road.
        There are also a few in nearby village Mossblown, on Southside Avenue.

  5. Amanda


    Monkton South Ayrshire in Scotland has them too. Same style as Don Avenue Ka92ae . Also Dalmilling, Westwood Avenue in Ayr, the bungalow style ones are also situated on Mainholm Rd in Dalmilling Ayr as well. Mossblown in Ayr has them too same style as Doon avenue .

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  7. Lance moxon


    I think there are some in staxton village , between barkston ash and tadcaster.
    Unfortunately I have not been there for many years so they may have been demolished.

  8. Kelly woodrow


    I have recently moved in to a Swedish house in Loddon, Norfolk. I took over from the previous tenant who had lived in the property for more than 45 years. It still had tin bomb shelter in back garden. Ther are several more in our area at Brooke, Norfolk and Pulham, Norfolk. I love this house. It’s a wonderful piece of history and never realised until I found this sight there are so many still inhabited. Great sight:)

  9. Gary Williamson


    I Have lived in my sweedish house in Carluke ML8 5BZ for 3-4 Years now still standing strong there is also ones in wishaw the ones in carluke how ever are now having insulation and rough casting done on them which should help preserve them i guess

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  11. Martin Cahn


    I have sent a message separately via e-mail, but there are 8 semi-detached houses finished in black planking opposite my house at CB24 9LS – Impington, Cambs. 6 of the houses are substantially untouched apart from pvc windows, and one pair has been altered.

    • prefabmuseumsite


      Thank you very much for contacting us with the details of these houses. They are most unusual in having both vertical and horizontal planking, and appear to have been there since at least the early 1950s. We are intrigued!

    • prefabmuseumsite


      Thanks Stuart for the information! We will pass on to Neil who is compiling the list. best wishes

    • prefabmuseumsite


      Thank you for contacting us Michael. We will pass on the locations to Neil who is compiling the list!

  12. ML Smith


    Just moved to HR9 7LD. Four Swedish built dormer houses in semi detatched arrangement. Actually addressed Stockholm Place. Very happy to have any confirmation of the history.

    • prefabmuseumsite


      Thank you very much for the information! Swedish houses and dormer bungalows were manufactured to Ministry of Works’ specification and shipped in prefabricated sections. There was a different specification in Scotland. The houses/bungalows were not part of the Temporary Housing Programme, but a separate programme of imports. Most were erected between 1947-8 in rural or semi-rural locations; Scotland commissioned a further programme in 1949. We hope you are happy with your Swedish house! best wishes from the Prefab Museum

  13. kerry taylor-holligan


    NN7 3EU have two of the B1 dormer bungalows, They belong to my father and next door belongs to my late grandparents. Both houses will be set for demolition in the near future as a result of an electrical fire which has destroyed one and severely damaged the other, They are both a complete external replica of the blue wooden dormer from your pictures. Nice to have found this website which shares an appreciation of the houses and the history. sadly our history of them as homes is now over.

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